Careers on Wheels

Careers on Wheels Day

Goals of Careers on Wheels Day:

  • To introduce students to a variety of careers
  • To help students learn the connection between their studies and how they are applied in the world of work
  • To assemble a variety of parent, community and business resources to encourage collaborative efforts
  • To expose students to positive career role models
  • To inspire kids to think BIG!

I am looking for parents, community members, and local businesses who would like to spend a few hours with us, bring their work vehicle, and talk to our students about what they do for a living.

Some examples include: firefighter, police, Texas Ranger, EMS, ambulance, taxi, food truck, mobile pet groomer, mobile dentist, bus driver, Geek Squad, electrician, landscaping, flooring installation, pest control, mobile boutique, air conditioning, reporter, investigator, interior designer, computer repair, construction, military, plumbing, 18-wheeler, race car driver, ice cream truck, weather person, TV station, public works, limousine, cable, telephone, and etc. I even had a radio station last year. I love outside the box ideas, so contact me to share yours.

If you have a mobile career and would like to participate in our Careers on Wheels Day, please e-mail me at 

2nd gradeBryan Parmer